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Jonathan Yaffe

Jonathan Yaffe (he/him/his), the founder and CEO of AnyRoad, believes in the power of leveraging data to scale transformative experiences. He founded AnyRoad, the leading Experiential Marketing platform after working for Red Bull, where he participated in strategically investing billions of dollars in experiential initiatives without any insight into analytics or ROI. While living in Japan for eleven years, Jonathan founded the acclaimed boutique KAIS International School, the Mirai Institute, the first independent think tank in Japan, Midori.so, a network of creative incubators a, co-workingpaces, and three art galleries. He also serves on the board of Zero Gap, a nonprofit dedicated to closing the gender gap in business. Jonathan has traveled to 97 countries, lived in Brazil, Colombia, Switzerland, the United States, and Japan, and is a sushi addict.

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