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January 10, 2024

Now You Can: AnyRoad Updates Winter 2024

Table of contents

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Get More Bookings, Automate Feedback, & Scale Off-Site Events

Brand experiences had a banner year in 2023 and many brands are putting their money where their consumers are — by investing even more to scale their experiential programs in 2024.

But don’t sweat. If you’re looking to scale your brand experiences in 2024, but increased investment isn’t in the cards (or budget), you still have a fantastic option.

Get more efficient.

Today we’re highlighting the latest AnyRoad capabilities designed to make you, your team, and your brand experiences more efficient, so you can scale your impact even if you can’t scale your headcount or budget. 

With AnyRoad, now you can…

  • Get More Bookings From Partners & Online Travel Agencies
  • Capture & Analyze Guest Feedback Automatically
  • Scale Events & Activations With Ease
  • Speed Up & Standardize Check In
  • Streamline Data Sharing

Capture & Analyze Consumer Feedback Automatically

AnyRoad powers your entire consumer feedback loop from automated follow-up surveys to AI-powered feedback analysis and insights to help you improve your experiences and increase their impact on brand loyalty.

Pinpoint is your AI-powered feedback assistant, taking the manual work out of collecting and reviewing consumer feedback. Pinpoint doesn’t just make you more efficient, it also helps you work more strategically by curating a list of urgent feedback and emerging trends to help you make improvements and respond to consumers quickly.

Take 60 seconds to see for yourself!

Get More Bookings From Partners & Online Travel Agencies

Capturing bookings from your website is great. Expanding your reach and securing bookings from affiliate partners and online travel agencies (OTAs) is the cherry on top. 

Give Affiliate Partners a Dedicated Portal to View & Book Your Experiences

Working with affiliate partners like resorts or travel agencies is a great way to secure more bookings and introduce your brand to new audiences. However, inconsistent and manual booking processes can result in errors that harm the guest experience and slow down your team. Until now. 

Configure booking options, pricing, and payments, and allow your partners to book your experiences on behalf of guests, without interfering with your website or walk-in booking processes.

Set-and-forget affiliate management, product catalogs, and reports

AnyRoad automatically tracks the source of each booking, so you know how many visitors each affiliate is driving and the revenue impact.

Integrate Your Experience Bookings with GetYourGuide

Extend your reach and revenue by allowing customers to book your experiences directly from the GetYourGuide directory. AnyRoad integrates with GetYourGuide.com for dynamic capacity management, seamless payments, and built-in guest communication so you can attract new guests and fill more experiences automatically.

Want to get started? Talk to your customer success manager or request a demo!

Scale Events & Activations With Ease

Many brands have events and activations to thank for supercharging the impact of their experiential programs in 2023. In 2024 it will be even easier for you to do the same.

The latest enhancements to AnyRoad events and activations simplify how you:

  • Power exclusive, invite-only events with the ability to restrict RSVPs to a set guest list
  • Review the results of your activations instantly
  • Deploy dynamic QR codes to capture data during multi-day events
  • Customize guest questions for AnyRoad Live data capture at activations
Add your guest list and simplify invite-only event registration.

Interested in growing your event and activation presence in 2024? Let’s work together

Speed Up & Standardize Event Check-In

Need to check IDs for age-restricted experiences? With AnyRoad ID Scanning, you can now automatically verify IDs and check guests into experiences in seconds while capturing anonymized consumer insights to more deeply understand your visitors.

ID Scanning is available on any iOS device via the AnyRoad Front Desk app

How it works

  1. Allow your staff to scan any passport or U.S. Driver’s License using the Front Desk scanner to verify authenticity and identify underage and expired licenses
  2. Get results instantly to give staff and guests an immediate pass or explanation for failed verification
  3. Guest age, gender and location (city, state, zip) data are anonymized and aggregated in your ID Scanning dashboard, giving you valuable guest insights

Streamline Data Sharing

The impact of your brand experiences reverberates across the entire business. We’re making it easier to make that presence known. Updates to AnyRoad APIs give you greater access to your experiential insights and performance and better ways to use your data to your advantage.

New Experiences API

Access your list of experiences and experience details.

New Time Slot API

Access comprehensive time slot data for any experience.

Quick Tip: Retrieve the available time slots for your upcoming experiences and feature them on a dynamic, digital display to drive walk-in bookings and inform guests who arrive to check in.

Want to learn more about AnyRoad’s latest capabilities? Contact your CSM or request a demo!

Step 1: Evaluate Your Scheduling Software Needs

Before researching online booking systems, evaluating your business needs is essential. After all, you don’t want to overspend on bells and whistles when you only need an online form. For newer events looking to scale, a more sophisticated system might be the goal but not the starting point.

Consider the type and size of your business, the nature of your services, and the volume of transactions you handle. For instance, if you run tours and tastings, you should look at solutions meant for high-volume enterprises that can include add-on shirts, beer steins, and more.

Scheduling Software Flowchart

We made a helpful flowchart to help you decide if you’re ready to invest fully in online bookings or look into a free scheduling app, like Google Forms, as a better starting point.

As someone trying to make smart investment decisions, you don’t want to buy a booking and ticketing solution that doesn’t meet your needs. Use our guided questions to determine where you are in your investment journey.

Booking System flowchart
Use the flow to gauge where you are on your journey!

2. Compare Booking Page Features and Pricing

Booking Page Features

Once you have a clear idea of your business needs, you can compare online booking systems that meet your criteria. Have a list of your most essential needs and what would be nice for you to have. Some features you should consider including on your list include:

  • Website integration
  • Branded booking page
  • Configurability to match your brand
  • Payment processing and add-on sales
  • Automated reminders
  • Automatic data analysis
  • Feedback collection and analysis
  1. Website integration
  2. Branded booking page
  3. Configurability to match your brand
  4. Payment processing and add-on sales
  5. Automated reminders
  6. Automatic data analysis
  7. Feedback collection and analysis






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